Discounts for groups

Phone us and tell us your case. We will come up with a proposal to suit your needs according to the show, the date and the number of people.

Last minute tickets

They go on sale on the same day of the performance at a reduced price. They are reserved for the under-35 and the over-65 and can be purchased on the same day at the Euskalduna Bilbao ticket office from 5 p.m.

BBVA Shareholders

Special tickets with a 15% discount. They are valid for all the operas of the season, except Opera Berri, rehearsals and the ABAO Txiki programme. The discount can be obtained by phoning 912 24 98 21 to receive a voucher that must be presented at the ABAO offices.

For the following discounts it will be necessary to produce a document supporting the beneficiary status

Discounts are not cumulative and will only be applied at the ticket office.

El Correo subscribers

Tickets with a 10% discount applicable to all those subscribed to this newspaper.

Friends of the Arriaga

We have a mutual discount system for the sale of tickets between members of the ABAO and friends of the Arriaga Theatre. To be precise, ABAO will offer a 10% discount to the friends of the Arriaga in the second and fourth performances of each season鈥檚 titl

Large families (Hirukide)

We offer a 5% discount on tickets during the opera season, including Opera Berri. For the ABAO Txiki programme, adult tickets will be at special children鈥檚 rates