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An open and multi-year cultural project that explores ABAO's intense relationship with Verdi, made up of two areas:


  • Perform all Verdi's operas in all their versions from the 2006-07 to the 2020-21 season
  • Criteria
  • Programme: 45 performances ( 28 different operas and 10 repeated ones)
  • New Productions: 1 (co)production per season
  • Music directors: Leading figures of the Verdian repertoire
  • Voices: Great figures who have sung at ABAO and great singers who haven't been here yet

  • Parallel development of activities that will enable us to deepen our knowledge of Verdi
  • Open to Institutions: Signing of agreements with relevant organizations to involve society as audience
  • International Sphere: collaborate with Institutions, Associations and Theatres
  • Activities: Recordings, talks, exhibitions, institutional partnerings, etc...

The backing of great experts and celebrities constitutes one of our greatest assets:


Mr. Claudio Abbado - Conductor †
Mr. Carlo Bergonzi - Tenor †
Mr. Riccardo Chailly - Conductor
Mr. Dinko Fabris - President of the International Musicology Society
Mr. Iñaki Gabilondo - Journalist
Mr. Peter Gelb - Director of the Metropolitan Opera, New York City
Mr. Enrique Iglesias - President of the Secretariat of State for International Cooperation
Mr. Stéphane Lissner - Director of the Teatro alla Scala, Milan
Mr. Federico Mayor Zaragoza - Past President of the European Forum for Student Guidance, and former Director-General of UNESCO
Mr. Riccardo Muti - Conductor
Mr. Leo Nucci - Baritone
Mr. Pierluigi Petrobelli - Director of the Istituto Nazionale di Studi Verdiani, Parma †
Ms. Giulietta Simionato - Mezzosoprano †
Mr. Margio Vargas Llosa - Writer
Mr. Juan Ángel Vela del Campo - Cultural Director of Tutto Verdi