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La Clemenza di Tito (Represented)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Saturday      January 22, 2022 7:00 PM
Monday January 24, 2022 7:30 PM
Wednesday January 26, 2022 7:30 PM
Friday January 28, 2022   7:30 PM
Monday January 31, 2022 7:30 PM


Sponsored by

Fundacion BBVA


  Tito Paolo Fanale*  
  Sesto Daniela Mack *
  Vitellia Vanessa Goikoetxea  
  Annio Veta Pilipenko*  
  Servilia Itziar de Unda  
  Publio Josep Miquel Ramon  
  Basque National Orcuestra    
  Coro de Ópera de Bilbao Chorus Master Boris Dujin  
  Conductor Riccardo Frizza  
  Director Fabio Ceresa*  
  Production Opéra de Lausanne  
  *Debuting at ABAO Bilbao Opera    



Scena (spanish)


Act I opens in the chambers of Vitellia, the daughter of the deposed and murdered Emperor Vitellio. She is furious because she cannot access the throne by marrying Tito, the current Emperor, who seems to prefer Berenice, the King of Judea’s daughter. Vitellia considers it is an affront and is determined to obtain what she wants through a plot to murder Tito. She approaches Sesto, who is in love with her, and asks him to help her in her project. He agrees but, as he is also a loyal friend of the Emperor, he struggles between his love for Vitellia and his loyalty to his friend. Tito calls Sesto through Annio. Annio informs him that Tito, an extremely clever politician, has decided to send Berenice back to Judea. This reawakens Vitellia’s ambitions and she asks Sesto not to carry out the plan they had arranged. In exchange for her love, she demands his unwavering trust. Annio reminds Sesto that his greatest wish is to marry Servilia, his sister. He begs Sesto to ask Tito to give his consent to the union. The two men celebrate their everlasting friendship.


At the Roman Forum, people praise Tito, their beloved Emperor, in front of the Capitol. He declares that the gold that was going to be spent on a temple built in his honour will now be spent on the victims of the eruption of Vesuvius. When Sesto is about to ask him to permit Servilia and Annio’s wedding, Tito announces that, after having banished Berenice, he has chosen Servilia to make her his wife. Annio hides his astonishment and welcomes the news with enthusiasm. With great sadness, Annio informs Servilia about Tito’s decision; the two lovers confirm the feelings they have for each other.


Inside the imperial palace, Publio, an emperor’s guard, gives him a list with the names of the conspirators. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Servilia, who throws herself to the Sovereign’s feet and reveals the love she feels for Annio. Tito is impressed by the young woman’s honesty and is willing to abandon his plan to marry her. Vitellia thinks that Servilia is excited at the prospect of her future marriage with Tito and, once again, feels rejected and despised. She cunningly fuels Sesto’s jealousy so as to push him to carry out her wretched plan. Giving in to his passion, Sesto repeats his oath of obedience to her and goes to commit the murder. Vitellia learns from Annio and Publio that Tito has made another decision: he has now chosen Vitellia to be his wife. She unsuccessfully tries to stop Sesto. He has set the Capitol on fire and struggles between his blind passion and his loyalty to his friend. The fire creates turmoil and it is rumoured that Tito has died. Sesto is about to publicly confess his crime but Vitellia stops him, because she doesn’t want him to reveal her participation in the plot.


Act II opens inside the imperial palace. Sesto, who feels guilty, confesses the crime he has committed to his friend. Annio advises him to remain faithful to the emperor and give proof of his loyalty. Vitellia is trying to get rid of Sesto, who she considers to be a burden; she orders him to escape. Publio appears and arrests Sesto; Lentulo, who participated in the conspiracy and was a victim of the failed attack, has reported him. While he is being taken away, Sesto, believing he is going to die, says goodbye to his beloved. He does not have the courage to admit his participation in the conspiracy.


In the large public audience hall, both patricians as well as magistrates are thankful for Tito’s rescue. However, the Emperor is not convinced of Sesto’s guilt, but Publio confirms that he was involved in the plan to kill the Emperor. Sesto will be thrown to the lions, but Annio intercedes for his friend and begs Tito to let his heart make the final decision. Tito is trapped by mixed feelings, but agrees to receive Sesto in audience. Face to face, the two men stare at each other. Sesto declares his responsibility to the Emperor and begs to be put to death. In order to protect Vitellia, he refuses to give any explanation about why he carried out such a foolish act. Tito, who thinks that Sesto’s attitude is due to his obstinate pride, confirms the death sentence. Nevertheless, when he is alone, he tears up the order he has just signed and heads for the Capitol, leaving Publio to think that Sesto is doomed. Vitellia thinks that Sesto has betrayed her, but Servilio and Annio beg her to use her influence on her husband-to-be to obtain forgiveness for Sesto. It is then that Vitellia understands that Sesto has not revealed her name as the murder instigator, since Tito still wants to marry her. Vitellia decides to confess and admits that she would rather die than become an empress at the price of Sesto’s death.


Tito appears in the amphitheatre and is hailed by the crowd. When he is about to announce his decision to forgive Sesto, Vitellia admits her own guilt. Tito is bewildered by this second act of treason, but his power is based on love and peace. He decides to act with mercy, not just towards Sesto, but towards all the other conspirators as well. They all come together to praise the Emperor and the gods.