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Give A year Full of Opera as a Gift

There is nothing more exciting than receiving emotion for an entire year.


Call us now !


Because with the A Year of Opera Gift Card you are giving the emotions of opera to those that most enjoy it.


You only have to choose the value of your card, with no minimum amount and up to as much as you like.


And the person who receives it will be able to use it on tickets for any of the shows scheduled by ABAO for one year as from the date of issue.


The amount will be deducted from their card until it is fully redeemed and/or, if necessary, it will be possible to add the remaining amount to complete a purchase in the sales channel available at that time.


Giving a card is as easy as this:

-       Collect it at the ABAO offices all ready for you to give it to that special person yourself.

-       Or phone us at 944 355 100 and, if you prefer, we will send it directly to the recipient.




Because we all deserve opera, give it as a gift.