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You like opera but you just don’t know it yet


Gazteam is the young community of ABAO created by and for young people in order to bring them into the world of opera.
This community intends to increase young people’s interest in opera through lively and participatory communication channels, using a simple and fresh language and contents in keeping with their age.
The initiative has been developed by the gazteam: a group of young volunteers with initiative, creativity and involvement, as well as a good knowledge of music, new technologies, performance arts...
This proposal is supported with the T25 and T30 cards.


Cards for the under 30s which enable the holder to buy his/her ticket at one single price of €25 or €30, depending on the age, on the same day of the show, for any session and for the best seats available in the Hall.
The cards give the opportunity to fully enjoy the experience of attending the opera and in addition to that they promote regular attendance.


Come and join the Gazteam -gazte (young)+team community!

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