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Educational programme
ABAO Bilbao Opera's EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMME started up over 25 years ago with the principal aim of familiarizing everyone – both young persons and older ones – with opera so that they understand it better and enjoy the emotions stirred up by music in its pure state.
The signs of the programme's success are not only that it's been going for so long but also that the number of participants increases year after year.

Through a full programme of activities over 19,000 people make contact with the lyrical world pleasantly and enjoyably each season.

Today the programme involves over 180 educational establishments of various kinds: infants, junior and secondary schools, university faculties, schools of music, conservatories and adult education centres.

The educational programme spans several phases, during which the following activities are carried on:

1. Educational talks
ABAO's team of teachers travel to each educational establishment where, informally and pleasantly, they introduce the students to the world of putting on an opera.
They go into the main aspects of productions (costumes, props, technical equipment...), the people and items that the audience can see on stage, and those they can't see and that the spectators don't usually know about.
The talks have audio-visual support to enable the students to view the setting-up operations and the final result using excerpts from well-known operas.

2. Backstage guided tours
Thanks to these tours, the students can place the content of the talk in context and link it to the physical space of the theatre: the wardrobe department, the dressing rooms, the rehearsal rooms and the stage. These days, in which the scene is set, the theatre serves as a superb place for schoolchildren to be able to see at close quarters all that an operatic show entails.

3. Pre-Dress-Rehearsal
In this activity, which is carried on outside of school time, small school parties can attend the first part of a pre-dress-rehearsal, which is the one that's done without an audience, but is done with make-up, costumes and simultaneous interpreting so that the students can follow the plot of the opera.

4. Attendance at the Dress Rehearsal or an Opera Performance
The last phase of the programme consists of going to the live show. ABAO offers tickets at special prices for groups who form part of the Educational Programme.

5. ABAO TXIKI Performances for Schools
ABAO TXIKI is ABAO's programme for children. There are family sessions and sessions for schools.

Each title is recommended for a particular age range, and the shows have high educational merit and an attractive mise-en-scène.

Parties attending performances for schools can have the benefit of a preparatory talk prior to the show in their own educational establishments, along with study guides.
The surtitles in Spanish and Euskara serve as an aid to comprehension.


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