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Companies Plan

The ABAO Bilbao Opera Companies Plan provides the public and private organizations linked to it with special recognition for their commitment to the dissemination of culture and their contribution to keeping alive an operatic project whose credentials and social benefit are unquestionable.
Their support and good will directly help Bilbao to have a first-class Opera Season.

ABAO Bilbao Opera's Companies Plan is FLEXIBLE and ADAPTABLE to each company's specific needs and resources. It includes various categories of collaboration:

  1. PATRONS. Institutions which make a public contribution to our activities.
  2. SPONSORS. This is the highest category of collaboration. Sponsors are linked to one opera exclusively.
    In these latter 2 categories, companies collaborate with ABAO Bilbao Opera's activities as a whole without being specifically linked to any one title.
    Sponsorship of ABAO Bilbao Opera starts at €6,000 per season.

ABAO Bilbao Opera offers a wide range of rewards, which are exclusive and are based on excellence, quality and the provision of personal attention. They are grouped around the following concepts and determined by each company's contribution:

  • Associating the company's corporate image with the image of one of the most acclaimed operatic institutions in Spain and the world
  • Provision of tickets and season tickets
  • Personal attention
  • Loose inserts placed in publications
  • Invitations to events
  • Tax relief available on contributions

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