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Good afternoon,

ABAO-OLBE always aims to offer the highest quality in the shows it programs.

Tonight I have to announce that the performance of Don Pasquale will be perfomed with piano accompaniment.

Regrettably, on this occasion the ABAO has been affected by a collective labor conflict between the Euskadi Symphony Orchestra and its workers who have called a strike starting today, November 18 and exclusively for the four functions of our opera.

ABAO is totally alien to this labor conflict that we have been aware of for the first time a few days ago.

From that moment we have worked to find the best solution for all and the one that supposes the least damage for our partners, public, sponsors, institutions and the own ABAO.

Analyzed the situation, we were faced with three alternatives:
- Suspend the functions
- Search for a new orchestra
- Make the performance with piano accompaniment

From the first moment and analyzed the implications for the different groups that participate in ABAO, and for the future viability of the association, it was considered that the suspension or cancellation was the worst of all possible options.

Therefore, it was decided to work on the possibility of hiring a new orchestra. This alternative has been unfeasible due to the limited time that has been available, and the impossibility of finding a quality orchestra that was available to participate in the functions.

For that reason, we come to the conviction that the best of them all was to perform the function with piano accompaniment.

Taking this decision, ABAO has worked two options: to facilitate to the maximum the possibility of an agreement in the conflict between the Euskadi Symphony Orchestra and its workers, for this it has continued with absolute normality the whole plan of tests planned with the orchestra, taking place including the general open rehearsal with the Euskadi Symphonic Orchestra itself.

In parallel, and assuming the additional costs, the piano accompaniment option has been worked on, hiring and rehearsing with the selected teacher.

Yesterday, Friday 17th at 2:00 pm, we received a communication from the General Director of the Euskadi Symphony Orchestra, announcing that the strike had not been canceled.

For this reason, I reiterate that as the only possible option this function will be represented accompanied by piano.

ABAO deeply regrets being affected by this situation, which is totally alien to its responsibility and management, a situation in which it is not part of the conflict but a serious victim.

I want to thank all the participants in this opera for the total collaboration and professionalism they have shown in this atypical situation, and I thank all of you for your understanding and support.

Thank you very much. Eskerrik asko