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Sponsorable projects

Besides ABAO's Companies Plan and the holding of an event, you can collaborate with ABAO by sponsoring a specific project..

These projects are:

ABAO Txiki
CThis is ABAO's programme for children, which includes enjoying the opera as a family, and sessions for schools.
We put on 5 operas per season, rich in educational content.
You can sponsor either the whole ABAO TXIKI season, a single opera, or a performance of one of the operas.


Tutto Verdi
This is ABAO's flagship project. It consists on the one hand, in its artistic facet, of staging all the operas composed by Maestro Verdi; and on the other, in its cultural facet, of deepening opera-goers' knowledge of the composer through parallel activities: special publications, holding of events, etc...


Opera Berri
True to our commitment to bringing the Bilbao opera within everyone's reach, Opera Berri performances deliver the best-known titles in the repertoire to new audiences, with half-price tickets and performances at weekends.

Proyectos patrocinables
Educational programme
ABAO's Educational Programme, with over 20 years' experience, each year trains over 17,000 young persons and 160 schools.
Through talks given in educational establishments, backstage guided tours, access to pre-dress-rehearsals and attendance at an ABAO TXIKI performance for schools, the young persons are introduced to the world of opera by specialists in child and youth development.


ABAO publications
As part of its function of disseminating knowledge, ABAO produces various highly-regarded publications which give an insight into its activities and are of demonstrable quality.