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Lucia di Lammermoor

Gaetano Donizetti


Saturday      October 19, 2019 7:00 PM
Monday October 21, 2019 7:30 PM
Friday October 25, 2019   7:30 PM
Saturday October 26, 2019 7:00 PM 
Monday October 28, 2019 7:30 PM

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  Lucia Jessica Pratt  
    Leonor Bonilla* (ob)  
  Edgardo Ismael Jordi  
    Juan Antonio Sanabria (ob)  
  Lord Enrico
Juan Jesús Rodriguez  
    Manel Esteve (ob)  
  Lord Arturo
Juan José de León*  
  Raimondo Bidavent
Marko Mimica  
  Alisa Maite Maruri  
  Normanno Gerardo López*  
    Euskadiko Orkestra Sinfonikoa  
    Coro de Ópera de Bilbao  
  Music Director Riccardo Frizza  
  Scene Director Lorenzo Mariani  
  Scenographer Maurizio Baló*  
  Costumes Silvia Aymonino  
  Light designer Roberto Venturi  
  Video Artists Fabio Iacquone y Luca Attilii  
  Chorus Director Boris Dujin  
  Coproduction ABAO, Teatro Comunale di Bologna, Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova and Teatro Nacional de Eslovaquia  
Part I    90 minutes
Break 30 minutes
Part II 60 minutes
  (ob): Opera Berri    
  *Debuting at ABAO Bilbao Opera    




Opera Berri


The Opera Berri programme is an initiative developed by ABAO-OLBE with the two-fold aim of bringing opera closer to new audiences with popular works and making opera affordable for everyone with tickets which can be purchased at less than half the usual price.

The production has a second cast for the leading roles and the rest of the performers, as well as the musical direction, orchestra, choir and stage direction, are the same as those in the other scheduled performances.



Alfin son tua, alfin sei mio. Vazquez, Orfila, Diego, coro
Chi mi frena in tal momento. Damrau, Fabiano, Tezier, Orfila, Corujo, Suárez, coro
Soffriva nel pianto. D. Damrau. L. Tezier
Verranno a te sull'aure. D. Damrau. M. Fabiano




Press kit


The opera begins at Ravenswood castle, which has now been taken over by the Asthons. Normanno, the captain of the guard at the service of the latter, expresses his surprise at the fact that Lucia, whose brother is Lord Enrico, the lord of the castle, is emotionally attached to Edgardo, the only survivor of the Ravenswood family and mortal enemy of the Asthons. Therefore, he orders his men to gather information about them. Enrico Asthon enters and confides to Normanno that he is worried: Scotland is torn by political divisions, which have led the Ravenswoods’ supporters to overpower those of the Asthons. Lucia and Lord Arturo Bucklaw’s wedding could restore the balance in the confrontation, but Lucia refuses to accept any proposal of the kind. Raimondo Bidebent, who is a priest as well as Lucia’s instructor and confidant, reminds Enrico that the young lady is still grieving for the recent death of her mother. Normanno denies this and tells Enrico that Lucia is in love with an unknown man who saved her by killing a bull which had attacked her: it could be Edgardo Ravenswood. The hunters confirm that they have seen Edgardo leaving Wolf’s Crag Tower galloping hastily; Enrico is furious and threatens to take revenge.

In the park, next to a fountain, at nightfall, Lucia is waiting for Edgardo together with Alisa, her lady in waiting, and confesses to her that she has seen the ghost of a woman killed out of jealousy by one of Edgardo’s ancestors. Alisa, distressed, begs Lucia to end her relationship with Edgardo, but she refuses because he is her light and the solace for all her sorrows. Edgardo finally arrives and apologizes for how late they are meeting: before dawn he must leave for France. Nevertheless, before leaving Scotland, he wants to try to reconcile with the Asthons and ask for Lucia’s hand as a sign of peace. She, worried about the news of his departure, even if it will not be for long, explains to Edgardo that Enrico’s hatred has not diminished yet. Edgardo recalls all the injustices suffered by his family due to the Asthons: only his love for Lucia has prevented him from carrying out his plans for revenge, but he has not forgotten the oath he swore over his father’s grave. Lucia begs him to think only about the feeling they share. Edgardo asks her to swear eternal fidelity to him. They exchange rings as a promise to marry.

At the beginning of the second part, in Lord Asthon’s chambers, Enrico is talking to Normanno while he waits for Lucia, whose marriage to Arturo Bucklaw has already been arranged; therefore, the relatives have already arrived at the castle. Nevertheless, Enrico still fears that his sister may refuse to get married, but Normanno reassures him: Edgardo’s long absence, his intercepted letters and the lie concocted by both (that he has got engaged to another woman) should dispel all the fears. Lucia arrives and right from the threshold there are alarming signs: she moves in a strange manner and rolls her eyes staring at her brother. Enrico shows her a false letter from Edgardo which proves that he has betrayed her and Lucia feels that her life is about to end. Enrico defends her marriage to Arturo, the only person who could help improve the situation of the Asthons. Lucia invokes death and seeks solace in Raimondo, who encourages her to accept the marriage for her own good as well as her brother’s.

In a magnificent hall, Arturo promises Enrico to support him unconditionally; Lucia, beyond the bounds of reason, is already joined to him. Suddenly, Edgardo, who has just arrived, bursts in breathless: Lucia is shocked and the guests are outraged and worried. Raimondo manages to prevent an armed confrontation and shows Edgardo the marriage contract which includes Lucia’s signature. Edgardo gives Lucia her ring back and, after receiving his in turn, he throws it onto the floor and stomps on it: he curses the Asthons, throws his weapon away and offers his chest to his enemies. They throw him out and Lucia prays for his salvation.

In the hall of Wolf’s Crag Tower, owned by the Ravenswoods, Edgardo sinks into melancholy. It is at night and outside a raging storm has broken out. Enrico Asthon arrives, claiming revenge, and tells Edgardo that Lucia has already been led to her bridal bed. They challenge each other to a duel: they arrange to hold it at dawn in Ravenswood’s cemetery.

The celebrations continue at the castle when Raimondo comes in with the news that Lucia, in a stroke of madness, has stabbed Arturo. When Raimondo entered the bedroom of the newlyweds she smiled and asked where her husband was. At that moment Lucia comes in looking like a ghost: her fixed gaze, her uncoordinated movements and her smile reveal her madness. In her delirium, she remembers her meetings with Edgardo, the appearance of the ghost at the fountain, the wedding ceremony in which she sees herself married to her beloved. The guests, taking pity on the girl’s mental state, hold Enrico back. To everyone’s dismay, Alisa takes Lucia away and Raimondo accuses Normanno of having caused the tragedy by informing Enrico about the relationship between Lucia and Edgardo.

Outside Ravenswood Castle, in front of the family graves. The sun is about to rise. Edgardo is waiting to fight a duel with Enrico: he has decided to let himself be killed because the image of Lucia’s happiness with her husband is torturing his soul. The sinister tolling of a bell from Asthon Castle can be heard. The residents come out talking about the tragic fate of Lucia, who has just died. When Edgardo hears these voices he kills himself.